Fee Schedule

30 min. class per week $25
45 min. class per week $35
50 min. class per week $38
1 hr. class per week $40
1 1/2 hr. class per week $55
2 hr. class per week $70
3 hr. class per week $83
4 hr. class per week $95


2nd child (3rd etc.) in the family $10 off of monthly Tuition

College Student Discount of 30% off tuition

Registration Fee: $20 registration fee charged for registrations after August 31st.

Recital Fee of $20 will be charged per student per class to help cover the recital costs including the auditorium and costumes. This will be charged both at Christmas Performance and Spring Recital(i.e. Registered for Jazz 1 & Ballet 1 – Recital fee: $40)

Students are sometimes asked to provide costume elements up and beyond this fee.

To participate in the recital you must be caught up in your tuition payments.

How To Pay:

Tuition is due the first week of every month. You will be sent a reminder notice each month by mail. Please contact Jessica Movius [(208) 310-1941] if you have any questions.

Please do not give your check to an instructor during class. We have several systems you may take advantage of to insure your check does not get lost!

Tuition Box: There is a locked tuition box upstairs and downstairs at the Arts Building that is checked on a weekly basis.

Mail: [Please mark clearly.]
River City Church ATTN: RCDA
707 7th Ave.
Lewiston, ID 83501

Please do not mail your payment to River City Church.