Dress Code

Creative Movement
Pink leotard, pink tights, bare feet

Pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Level 1 & 2
Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Level 3 & Higher
May wear any color of leotard as long as it is solid color.  Pink tights, pink shoes required.  Black tights are also allowed.

*Ballet Shoes: Students should have split soled shoes.  These must be ordered or purchased at a dance clothing store.  (Sometime, they can be found at Payless Shoes.  Please check the sole.)

Black skirts or dance shorts are great!

Hair in a bun!!!

Choose from leotard/jazz pants, bike shorts, or leggings.  No baggy clothes, denim, or bare mid-drifts.  Students must have their hair up and out of their face to take class.

*Tap Shoes: Oxford style shoes are preferred but any tap shoes will work fine.

Pre-Ballet/Ballet Dress

Creative Movement and Pre-ballet


Ballet 2 and Higher Dress

Ballet 1 and higher